Our Story

America’s first legal moonshine distillery was launched in 2005. Right around that same time Dan Patrick left a well-established sports platform and pioneered his own sports talk show, The Dan Patrick Show.

Fast forward 11 years, Carlo and Alecia Catucci and friends Eric Sylvestre & Vin Greene opened their distillery, White Dog Distilling. Built on making finely crafted spirits, making things from scratch, and honing in the distilling process, from grain to glass.

In 2022 Dan and his crew decided to create a spirit that fits their fans…something new…something fresh. Seton and Paulie were testing product day and night. Dan wanted something for the home bar, the football game, late night in the garage/mancave and for the flask. White Dog Distilling and the Dan Patrick team went to work and TAILGATE was born.

This is our moonshine. This is for the show fans who have been with us since the attic days. It’s got just enough bite, with a modern smoothness. Get your Fritzy onion-bagel energy up for your first taste and wrap your bigger-than-Marvin’s hands around a bottle.

Drink it neat, on ice, mix it, whatever. Wherever you are watching games, you are tailgating…do it with us. Cheers!