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Tailgate Peppermint Bark Moonshine 375ml

Tailgate Peppermint Bark Moonshine 375ml

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Tailgate Peppermint Bark Moonshine (375ml) is reminiscent of Old Fashion Peppermint Bark candy but sip worthy! This chocolate spirit is lightly kissed with fresh mint and can be mixed in Martinis and Hot Chocolate to help make the winter season warm and bright!

Tailgate Peppermint Bark Cookies and Cream


-2 oz.Tailgate Peppermint Bark Moonshine

-2 Oreo Cookies


-4 oz. Half and Half *

-Whipped Cream* (optional)

-Finely crushed candy canes



1. Add the moonshine and cookies to a cocktail shaker and muddle the cookies until they are completely broken down.

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